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Current Projects

The Wilton Land Conservation Trust is always working to create a better future for the town of Wilton.

Current Projects

The 13-acre meadow at 183 Ridgefield Road can be preserved for public use under an agreement between Jim Fieber and the Wilton Land Conservation Trust. The Land Trust will take title to the property in the spring of 2019, once it has raised the $2.3 million needed to buy the site and make it accessible.

“This is an ambitious challenge in a very tight timeframe. Special thanks go to Jim Fieber and his family for agreeing to sell the Land Trust this prime piece of property and holding it off the market for a year while we raise the funds.”

- Peter Gaboriault, President, Wilton Land Conservation Trust

This transaction could not have happened without the generous lead donation of $750,000 from the Bauer Family Foundation and Jim Fieber’s willingness to sell the property at well below his cost basis. 

Nick Parisot Memorial Trail

"Stand Up for Nick (SUFN) was founded in 2013 by a group of residents of Wilton, CT, to support the Parisot family during the most challenging time of their lives, following the death of their son, Nick. The creation of “The Nick Trail” is a direct result of generous donations to the Wilton Land Trust in Nick’s name. It was created in partnership with the Land Trust, whose mission is to preserve the wonderful open spaces in Wilton. The trail meanders through existing open spaces in north Wilton, offering peace, health and an opportunity to connect with nature and community, as a reflection of Nick’s appreciation for these qualities in life. We hope this trail reinforces community connections, offering sanctuary and a respite from busy lives, while it serves to remind its travelers of Nick Parisot."


Millstone Farm, previously known as the Old Tito Farm and the Grassi Property, is a 71 acre parcel with a 62 acre easement extending the entire length of Tito Lane, from Millstone Road to Whipstick Road.

The Land Trust is working in cooperation with the landowners to build a trail system that will be accessible to the public, and interconnected with other Land Trust and Town of Wilton Properties.