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Local Conservation Trust Saves “183” Property

Local Conservation Trust Saves “183” Property

Wilton, CT; March 27, 2020

Wilton, CT: The Wilton Land Conservation Trust is thrilled to announce the closing of the acquisition of the 183 Ridgefield Road property in Wilton, Connecticut. The closing was the result of an impressive and successful two year fundraising campaign combined with a CT DEEP Grant bridge loan from Fairfield County Bank and completed two months ahead of schedule in an unprecedented community action. 

The beautiful 13 -acre property sits about one mile north of Wilton Center along one of only three designated Scenic Roads in Fairfield County. With this purchase, the property will be available in the future for recreational and educational activities and will be a huge asset to the local community.

Says Peter Gaboriault, President of WLCT,  “We proactively pursued this acquisition, which is quite out of the ordinary for the WLCT, and we intend to keep this proactive approach to conserve open space from now on into the future. This purchase clearly demonstrates the breadth and depth of public support for our mission.

In addition, the Wilton Land Conservation Trust would, in particular, like to thank the Fieber family for generously agreeing to sell this property to us and also thank the Bauer Family for their generous lead donation of $750,000 to make this happen.” 

The WLCT would also like to extend its sincerest thanks to our community lenders, leaders, partners, and members. This purchase would not have been possible without the collective and organized effort of our neighbors and residents. The WLCT hopes to continue this momentum going forward throughout the year, especially as public spaces continue to provide entertainment and enjoyment for the community during the COVID-19 Situation. 

WLCT has 8 other active trails throughout the Town that are open for enjoyment. We encourage the local community to learn more about us and our work so that they can continue to enjoy these beautiful public spaces.

To learn more about the Wilton Land Conservation Trusts (WLCT, click here http://www.wiltonlandtrust.org/.

About WLCT:  The founders of Wilton Land Conservation Trust (the "Land Trust") sought to prevent the loss of Wilton’s unique natural, scenic, historic and recreational values. Today the organization protects 115 properties totaling  835 acres through ownership or conservation easement. The Wilton Land Conservation Trust is led by an all-volunteer Board of Trustees made up of residents of Wilton. One hundred percent of its funding is derived from the generous support of local citizens, primarily through membership donations.