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Trekking Together:

Migrating Birds

A Spring-Guided Hike on May 11, 2024 @ 10:00am — Drizzle or Shine

Co-hosted by the Wilton Land Trust and the Woodcock Nature Center:

Take a break from the stress of work or school and explore the natural world around you.

Learn about Wilton's environment by walking through it with staff naturalists.

Trekking Together - Migrating Birds

Saturday, May 11 — 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Rain Date: May 18  — 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Drizzle or Shine

Location & Parking:

The hike starts and ends at the Trailhead, located at the end of Gilly Lane, Wilton.

Our Spring Migrating Birds Hike: 

Our guided hike is in celebration of World Migratory Bird Day! Among birders, this is known as the Global Big Day - a day to get out and see as many bird species as you possibly can! Together we will walk Woodcock Nature Center's Orange Trail across Spectacle Lane and into the Wilton Land Trust’s Spectacle Lane Trail to look and listen for birds, and learn about the forest and its various habitats.

Wilton Land Trust’s Executive Director will help attendees see the forest through the trees and  Woodcock educator and birding enthusiast Tommy McCarthy will share his knowledge of all the species we encounter.


So, grab your water bottle, supportive shoes, tick and bug repellant, and your camera and binoculars, and join us for a morning of adventure and learning. And don't forget - leave your furry friends at home, so we don't scare away any potential wildlife!

The Wilton Conservation Trust is a community-focused nonprofit organization that conserves land, protects biodiversity, enhances ecosystems, and builds community.

The Woodcock Nature Center has been a source of environmental and nature education since 1972. They work to instill a love and respect for nature and serve as a resource for educating the community about our natural surroundings.